An artificial eye can also be fitted over a shrunken, sightless eye for cosmetic purposes.

Making an artificial eye is a critical process. It requires thorough knowledge of anatomy, ophthalmology and polymer chemistry, as well as creativity and artistic talent. First, an impression of the eye socket is taken and the shape is recreated in wax. It is then inserted in the eye to assess the fit. The wax model is finally replicated in acrylic.

The artificial eye is made from medical grade polymethyl-metha-acrylate (PMMA). It is an exact replica of the companion eye - it looks natural and moves at will. Biologically inert and safe natural pigments and threads are used for the artificial eye to match the color of the natural eye. Even minute details like small red blood vessels are faithfully duplicated. The final stage is a clear coating, which helps keep the color intact.

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