Dr. Nagendra Shah


Q. Have you completed M.D. or Ph.D. thesis?

A. In India generally for Ophthalmology they award M.S. degree (called MD in Europe).I have passed M.S.(MD) in Ophthalmology in year 2000 followed by DNB,MNAMS in Ophthalmology which are equivalent to FRCS in India. I have also passed my ICO I & II. Regarding Ph.D. I did help my junior collegue at Aravind Eye Hospital,Madurai Dr. Hadi K.who has recently enrolled for 5 yrs Ph.D. course under Dr. MGR University of Medical Sciences,Chennai,India in project of: "Genetic analysis of Multi Drug chemotherapy resistant cases of Retinoblastomas." I hope I will be utilizing and helping the same in Mumbai now.

Q. What kind of research you have performed?

A. In my post graduation period I did Thesis very successfully,titled: "Study of spectrum & susceptibilities of microbial agents in exogenous endophthalmitis." From July, 2001 till 28th February, 2005 in Orbit & Oculoplasty dept of Aravind Eye Hospital I have involved myself in approximately 23-25 different research projects related to my superspeciality.
To mention few of them:

Projects successfully completed and already accepted by Dr. MGR University,Chennai as Thesis:
1.) Clinicoradiological analysis of Thyroid Related Ophthalmopathy and its correlation with POAG in population.
2.) Microbiological spectrum of acquired,adult nasolacrimal duct obstructions and their sensitivities to antimicrobials.
3.) Lid reconsructions in congenital and acquired disorders
4.) Prospective study of Paediatric Proptosis and its management.
5.) Experience of 2-0 Ethibond frontalis sling procedure in management of congenital ptosis.
6.) A prospective study of orbital disorders on 2003-2004 at Aravind. 7.) Comparative analysis of 3 D ultrasonography v/s CT,MRI in orbital disorders.

Projects actively assisted
a.) Our experience with Chemotherapy in ocular and adnexal cancers(started "Ring Of Hope" project to help poor,needy cancer cases free of cost)
b.) Ocularistry: Rehabilitation modalities for anophthalmic sockets.
c.) Prospective analysis of our experience in External approach v/s Endonasal Dacryocystorhinostomy.
d.) Study of ideal Orbital Implant in Indian scenario: do we really need costly porous implants?
e.) Marcus Gun Jaw wink ptosis: A novel surgical approach,our experience with long term results.
f.) Recently started use of Indian manufactured Bio-Ceramic Orbital implants and its long term effect.
g.) Going to utilize these and much more in Mumbai.

List of publications
Though involved in over 25 different projects in Orbit, Plastics plus Oncology at Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, I was absolutely occupied by the toughest challenge of my life to fulfill the dream of our Joint Director & Head of Neuroophthalmology Dept Dr. G. Natchiar to publish an Atlas of International fame, titled: "ATLAS OF RADIOLOGY IN OPHTHALMOLOGY" since last 5-6 months. It will be available in market hopefully by December,2005. I am the co-author for Orbital Radiology chapters

Already published:
1.) "Fraser Syndrome: case report." Illumination,Jan-Feb,2004.
2.) "Solitary plasmocytoma of orbit:case report."ICOO,Jan 2004.
3.) "Rosai Dorfman Syndrome: case report." Illumination,July-August,2004.
4.) "Simultaneous intraosseous and intradural capillary hemangioma of orbit."in August,2005 British Journal of Ophthalmology
5.) "Orbital Lipoma:2 cases and review of literature."Got accepted with revisions to be published in September,OPRS(Ophthalmic Plastics & reconstructive surgeries Journal),USA
6.)Under Review(expected reply by August,2005): " Microbiological spectrum and sensitivities of isolates in congenital nasolacrimalduct obstructions. " (Journal Of American Academy Of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.)

Publications getting ready (probably after my atlas):
1.) Role of silicone intubations in rivision DCRs.
2.) Centurion syndrome: our experience of surgical management
3.) Results of probing as treament for CNLDO at various age groups.

Involvement in teaching programs

For last 3-5 yrs I have involved myself in Residents training programs and also into lots of Paramedical courses and Vision 2020 related programs. Under me already 3 Full term Fellows and 2 International Short term fellows are trained. I have helped and taught many Short time Visitors and Observers from throughout the world at Aravind. In short, Aravind is not just an Eye Hospital but also a Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology as well as Research Center and now upcoming Ocular Oncology center. I am proud of being a part of this Eighth Wonder of this world run under the great guidance and blessings of Icon Of the Era Dr. G. Venkatasamy our Founder and Chairman. This itself explains my involvement in teaching activities here both Clinical & Surgical fields making sure to get near 100% results of our residents in competitive exams like MS, MD, DNB, FRCS, ICO, MRCO, etc.

From July, 2005 being at Mumbai I hope to conduct regular CMEs, Workshops, Symposias and Conferences related to Ophthalmic Plastics and Reconstructive Surgeries Speciality to create better awareness in society and medical fraternities of Asia.

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