The term "orbit" refers to the bones and tissues that surround the eye. If the orbit is damaged, surgical repair may be needed to protect the eye and preserve vision if possible. Orbital surgery may also be necessary in case of a tumor. Tumors tend to make the eye protrude, which can lead to irritation, dryness, and risk of infection as well as a deformed appearance. Orbital trauma, on the other hand, can make the eye sink back in its socket, causing vision loss and facial deformity. An orbital surgeon can remove, rearrange, or reconstruct the bony plates of the orbit to try to preserve vision and an aesthetically normal appearance.

The axiom of orbital surgery is to restore the anatomic structure of the orbit to its natural and aesthetic form with preservation of function. Accurate realignment and replacement of the components are essential. To have an optimal result, the surgeon has to have a fundamental appreciation of the orbital anatomy. Even though orbital anatomy is complex, with some details still being actively researched, adherence to several anatomic principles will aid in the restoration of the traumatized orbit.

The Orbit (eye and surrounding bones) can be adversely affected by tumor, and is one of the primary regions affected by facial trauma. Orbital trauma resulting in fractures of the bone surrounding the eye causes the eye to sink back into its socket, facial deformity, poor eye movement, and loss of vision. Orbital fractures can now be repaired with minimal incisions through the inside of the eyelid or mouth. While orbital fractures cause the eye to sink back, orbital tumors can cause the eye to protrude, causing facial deformity, eye irritation, dryness, increased risk of infection, and loss of vision. In severe cases of orbital trauma or tumor, it is sometimes necessary to remove the eye completely.

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